Sama Energy Control industrial group has initiated its business activity by this brand for one decade, the activity which was commenced since 1981 by the company’s administrators in the field of metal shaping and faucet manufacturing in the east of Tehran.
Manufacturing of ball vales and gate vales has brought this group to its pinnacle and efflorescence. Acquiring the Standard certificate and obtaining ISO 9001-2008 international certificate have resulted in the current secure status and guarantee the future prosperity of the group.
Fabrication of sanitary and construction valves, which is in the initiation, is also among the outcomes of the group. We are honored to reveal this fact that Sama Energy Control industrial group, addition to manufacturing of variety of sanity valves, will create a mutation in market in the near future, in relation to home’s elegance.
Moreover, Sama Energy Control industrial group with manufacturing of PTFE parts for the first time in Iran has made a long pace toward our homeland’s self-sufficiency and promoting its position in Iran industry.