STARCO Quality is more than just a promise. It is a guarantee that all of our products meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. They are our toughest critics and our best informants.

The consistently high standard of our products in every category and price range has cemented our reputation as one of the best value in IRAN.
At STARCO we believe quality is defined by the highest levels of craftsmanship, outstanding durability, high levels of functionality, long-lasting design and convenience of use.

We work hard to inculcate quality everywhere in our business, in the products we bring to market and in the strategies taking us into the future.
Ongoing investment in research and development enables us to actualize industry-leading technologies.
STARCO products are designed to last. Not only is beauty in the detail, STARCO design surpasses form and function.
 we rigorously test our products to guarantee their longevity. This is a core characteristic of the STARCO brand. Our products are engineered by the most experienced designers and research & development professionals in the industry and all our products are tested for a 15-year lifespan. STARCO’s internal testing processes are among the most grueling in the industry. We take quality extremely seriously.